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Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Spy a Mosaic

I finally "built" something, and Bruce has prodded me into posting it.  I guess it is a mosaic -- a scatter mosaic, although that is a bit of a misnomer, because everything is very carefully placed. 

My kids have been getting into the I Spy books, where you have to look for objects mentioned in a corresponding poem.  A lot of the illustrations are photographs of a multitude of scattered objects.  One of my favorites has the objects arranged in the shape of a bird.  I thought it'd be fun to do something similar in LEGO for my kids. 

I Spy... a Pie! (see description for clues)

So then I had to come up with the rhyming verses, too:

I spy a pie, a monster's green legs,
Six butterflies and a bird that lays eggs.
A turtle, a clam, seven long snakes,
Four forks, three knives, and a pan to bake cakes.

I spy three jewels, a mirror, a purse,
An otoscope and thermometer made for a nurse;
Two crocodile tails and an alien's head,
Three frogs playing leapfrog and a bug that is red.

I spy a TV, four stars, and four hearts,
A crosswalk, a 60, and four arms hacked in parts;
Three kinds of fruit, a pan in the sun,
A metal detector, a hat, and two kinds of gun.

I spy a paw print, two flags, and two balls,
A TV and two walkies for making some calls;
A flask, a suitcase, and eleven flowers,
And if you're like my kids...
You'll be here for hours.

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