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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

In Memorandum

To whoever's still reading:

Hey! I'm Casey - I started this blog back in 2010 - closely modeling similar Lego blogs at the time run by Bruce N H of Classic-Castle notoriety. Blog went defunct back in 2014, as I moved to other interests in the Lego community and Katie W. retired from the Lego world. Blog is closed.

I have and will keep this blog up so long as Blogger still exists. If you want to see what I'm up to, find me here: linktr.ee/kcrmccoy

Here's some blog stats as of today (12/29/21):

Quarter of a million views in a decade's time! (mostly Katie's excellence)


Friday, July 18, 2014

"hack" by Alice Lee

Alice Lee's "hack" mosaic built for Dropbox's 2014 Hack week is a great example of how lighting can impact mosaic presentation.

Overall, this mosaic has a pretty simple technique.  A layer of yellow plate and then a layer of white and black brick.  But lighting the mosaic to the high left allows a significant shadow to be cast over the yellow portion which gives the appearance of an additional color built into the mosaic.

More pictures and process pics that will make you wish you had an E size printer at your disposal can be found Here.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Brickworld 2014 Mosaic Round Up!

Brickworld 2014 is all over! I had a great time meeting new faces and reconnecting (heheheh...get it?) with old ones. I can't wait for next year. The following is all the mosaics I could find Sunday morning. Photography is just as bad as previous years, but hopefully it's not bad enough to scare you away.

NOW! onto the featured presentation:

Jeff Viens built this small advertisement for our Facebook page for his Town display.
Here's my "Boo" mosaic as a part of a super-special-secret collab I was a part of. More on that collab to come (as well as a post on the mosaic).
 Alysa K. made a map of Westeros from Game of Thrones.
Nick Jensen brought his "Legendary" mosaic.
Beth Weis made the annual Brickworld mural. There was a backside. I just sadly, forgot to capture it.


Here were a couple KLUG logos, as well as a QR Code. Not sure who built 'em.
 These Tetris recreations were made by Jameson Gagnepain.

Bocan Stuffs:

E.J. Brought a ton of mosaics this year. Kicking it off, here are a few superheroes: Iron Man (in Mega Man form), The Thing, and Deadpool.
And here's one by Abbie Bocan of Rosie the Riveter 
 There were also a few characters made, including grumpy cat.
The very best mosaic at all of Brickworld was the Sistine Chapel. The technique and beauty was just astonishing. It was nominated for best artwork, but was (in my opinion) robbed and should have won.

This M-Tron Logo was spotted a top of a tower as a part of the M-Tron collaboration.
 Tagger by Sandy San Miguel.
Identity Crisis by Brandon Obert.
I am Alive by Brandon Obert.

Dragon's Lair by Sharon Vance. Here's some fun facts that were displayed nearby.
  • "This mosaic is completely original, the artist first drew the picture then started laying out Lego bricks to make an outline from the picture. No computer was used in the making of the mosaic."
  • "There are approximately 200,000 Lego pieces used and took about 4 months to make."
  • "This mosaic has been chosen for the 'Grand Rapids Art Prize' which takes place at the end of September. This is the most prestigious art contest in the world with over $500,000 in prizes awarded. Half of the awards are done by public vote so please consider voting for the first ever Lego artwork in the contest!"
If you live in the Grand Rapids area, check out the Art Prize Contest here: https://www.artprize.org/about

The King of Fighters Neo Geo Pocket Game Sprites by Chris Rozek.
Pulp Fiction by Adam Meyers. (Can you see my reflection?)
Here's a few of the mosaics featured in Tony Sava's Cathedral.
The Washington Nationals Baseball Logo (Not Walgreens) and the Coca-Cola logo by Mike Harrod.
 Griffin Mosaic by Mike Harrod.
Lego Batman Mosaic by Sharon Santos and that small Flash Mosaic was by Jake O'Day (Age 8!).

Advertisement for reddit.com/r/afol by Matt De Lanoy.

Here's a lenticular Green Lantern/Purple? Lantern Logo mosaic by Roy Cook.

Roy Cook also brought these mosaics, as well.

This Hieroglyph Link by Davis French was nominated for best Youth Creation.
Brutus Buckete by Molly Selan

Benjamin Kobold made all these great mosaics with the Jack Skellington one being nominated for best Artwork.

All these Unikitties were made by Mel F. except for Angry Kitty which was made by Claire S.

The Dark Knight by Adam Meyers.

This mosaic was spotted on the side of Sam Forker's Technic Candy Coin Pusher.

Mark Jiang created all these Chinese inspired mosaics.

Mario Takes to the Sky by Garey Conley.

BrickTech Terrain - Grassland into the Desert by Conner Lill.

Yeti Mosaic by Andrew Beckett as an ad for WisLUG.

This really cool fusion of a money symbol and a minifig head was spotted atop Lawyers' Laundromat by Peter Strege.
The Sitdown by Dave Kaleta.
Self Portrait by Alec Edstrom.

Here's a series of mosaics by Amy Vandenbossche.
These optical illusion tests were called Red or Not?

The Answer to the Gray Brick Problem in two scales!
 Keep Thinking Straight.
All Connected.
And lastly, here were the mosaics from the workshop.

Wonderful year, stay tuned for more MosaicBricks stuff!