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Friday, June 21, 2013

Brickworld 2013 Mosaic Round-up!

Brickworld 2013 was quite the convention! Best one to date! New location, new people, new MOCs, and especially mosaics! The following is all the mosaics I could gather (during Saturday night). Be sure to check out the other non-mosaic creations too because there were a ton of great ones!

Couple things before we start:
1. I knew I missed the KLUG light-up mosaic, the Wiz of Oz balloon mosaic, and some small ones among others. I'll look for pictures of them on the internets, but if you catch any others, shoot me a comment below.
2. I apologize for the awful photography. ;D
3. I tried to credit all the builders when I could, but some of them are without names and I apologize. If you know them, just lemme know and I'd be happy to straighten things out.

NOW! onto the featured presentation:


ToroLUG had a bunch of mosaics! Possibly some of the best. Take a look:
Deadmau5's 4x4=12 by ROOK

Moving Pictures and The Dark Side of the Moon by Isaac Mazer

Led Zeppelin - CODA by John Vandermeulen

Batman - Haunted Knight Cover by Claire. That is a lot of orange!

Boba Fett by Sean Jensen.

ToroLUG QR Code Mosaic

The Northern Illinois Lego Train Club also had some great stuff.
Pyrovision by Matt De Lanoy

A collection of small mosaics in Matt De Lanoy's display:

Already featured (beat me to it, Katie!), but Chris Rozek's Black Rock Shooter was present.

He also brought Mai Shiranui! From SNK's King of Fighters!

The Thin White Duke by Adam Myers

Warmachine by Adam Myers. It was nice to see a different take on the transparent mosaics by adding a second color.

Area 51 Sign by Brian Williams
Video Game Display:

The Normandy by Ben Caulkins.

Cortana: A Holographic Mosaic by (again, our very own) Sean and Steph Mayo. This was incredible to see moving! Congratulations to Sean and Steph because they won Best Artwork for it!

Wreck-It-Ralph by ???
Various sprites by ???

The Viens' Home('s Roof) by Jeff and Robin Viens.
(the other side)
Lego Skateboard by Jeff Viens
Brickworld Greeting by Jeff Viens
QR Code by Jeff Viens

Now it's time for...
Shameless self-promotion!

Since I have a mosaic blog, I might as well build mosaics every now and again, so, here's the parts of the Goodwill store I built.

The letters could have been done better. I ran out of parts with the 'W' and the 'O's look a bit odd. My tip on building letters: stick with one mosaic style. SNOT or Studs Up. Unless, you can make it work better than mine.

QR Code by Daniel Church.

Nick Jensen's Halo Logo.

The Brickology Cylinder by Beth Weis. I oddly forgot to take a picture of the front, but you can see the Yin Yang through the holes.

Benedict Cumberbatch by Alysa Kirkpatrick.

Cyberpocalypse Display:

There were a ton of mosaics on the Cyberpocalypse display! Here are a few:


Middle Earth Mosaic by Sharon Vance (apart of a miniland Middle-Earth)

Angry Bird by Bryan Bonahoom.

Smaug by Sharon Vance. I absolutely loved the flame coming from Smaug's mouth.

Once Upon a Time by (our very own) Sean and Steph Mayo.

Dilbert by Michael Harrod

Tweety Bird by Michael Harrod

Workshop mosaics. I think these were the best ones to come out of it so far in the Brickworlds that I've attended.

Andy Warhol by Jeremy Moody

The Great Figure by Jeremy Moody

Sunday Afternoon by Jeremy Moody. The technique utilized here is normal plates underneath with 1x1 rounds on top to get two levels of color. Absolutely amazing! Congratulations to Jeremy Moody for winning Master Builder at Brickworld 2013!

Here's a shot from a distance.

Lego Batman Mosaic by Sharon Santos.

Lord of the Rings by Richard Glatter

S.E. Tucker by Richard Glatter

Red Skull Mosaic by Eric Cacioppo.

A collection of famous artworks by Eric Cacioppo.

Lego Logo Mosaic by John Fritschle

Lion Shield & Dragon Shield by Gary Haas

Ninjago Snake Rockers by Amos Avery

Stain Glass Panels by Stacy Sterling (inspired by our very own Katie).

Dual Lego Logo Mosaic by Roy T. Cook.

You wouldn't believe what a pain it was to get a picture of the other side. Now you get a great view of my legs!

Snoopy's Dog House by John and Ryan Morris.

Lion Crest also by (need to be confirmed) John and Ryan Morris.

Lego Store by Garrett Morris

Baby Mosaic by Mariann Asanuma.

E.J. Bocan III's Iron Man and Captain America mosaics returned.

Stephen King's The Dark Tower also by E.J. Bocan III.

John 3:16 by Brian Williams

The BIG O by Thomas Mueller


Edward's Store by ???

The Apple Store by ???

??? by ???

??? by ???

DaVinciPunk Display mosaic by ???

Superman Macrofigure by ???

The Beatles by ??? (P.s. Can you see my reflection?)

Bricktech Sign by ??? This one was brilliantly lit up.

Brickworld 2013 was fabulous! BW14 is looking out to be great! If you get the chance, come! Remember, if you recognize something above you built or know who built, leave a comment below. Thanks!


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  1. Wow! That is a ton of mosaics. I don't recall BrickCon ever having so many. And I assume you've met Sean and Steph then? Good times! ;-)

    1. Sorry I didn't see this comment, Katie! I didn't get the chance to meet them. Things are pretty crazy, but I saw them out in the crowd a couple of times. Maybe next year when things aren't as hectic.