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Friday, January 14, 2011

Update: Special Lego Mosaic Resources

Hello everyone,

Sorry about not getting that post of part 3 up, I had a couple things come up, but through a certain reader of the blog sending me a message of a certain website, it brought me to some great mosaic resources.

The website is called, thebrickblogger.com and has three great articles so far. They explain somethings better than I ever could! The posts are on:

- Resources for Mosaic Builders (Extremely useful!!)
- Mosaics & the Stained-Glass Effect (A great resource for different types of mosaics)
- A gallery of mosaics

The website, in of itself, is very useful in general, so go check it out! ;-D

Sorry about the long pause between our series and stuff. This week of school coming out of break has been horrible. ;( Don't worry though, more mosaic is on the way!


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  1. Casey, thanks for the nice post! Katie told me about your blog, so I listed it under the Mosaic Resources section. Keep up the great work! (c;