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Thursday, January 27, 2011


Lego certified professional and creator of Mocpages, Sean Kenney (The man. The myth. The legend!), was commission in 2007 to create a mosaic for Google Inc. for their NY offices. When looking at it normally, it appears to be a normal mosaic,

But when you get close and look at it from a different angle,

It is really just a bunch of random bricks, like doors and strange things all cobbled together to make a mosaic. Pretty neat huh? View the rest of the creation here.

Sean Kenney is one of my favorite builders, be sure to check out all his great creations and commissions by visiting his website: http://seankenney.com/

*** It should also be noted that Sean Kenney also made another Google Logo mosaic for Google Inc.'s Denmark office. Check it out here.


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