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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Warning: Cuteness Ahead!

I run into periods of time where it's hard to keep up with this blog, but Bruce always keeps me on my toes!

About these first ones, by Brickshelf user Elena, he says they are simple but fun, and that he particularly likes the dragon:


whale.jpg  sailer.jpg
cow-k.jpg  720.jpg
rabbit.jpg  rabbit3.jpg  01.jpg
They are all so super-cute!  I notice some clever techniques on the rabbits, too.  There are transparent bricks used for slight shading, little lever bits for eye brow highlights, and grill plates on the carrots for texture.
Bruce also sent a link to Pete W.'s photo of a LEGO mosaic "with added 3-D fish, on the stairway to Hobbyco's second level."  I like the little sea horses.  They're so.... cute!


hobbyco lego mosaic

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