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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Official Lego Mosaic Sets: Part 3 - Other Dacta Kits

It's been quite a while since the last Official Lego Mosaic set post, so in an effort to wrap up the unfinished projects of past days we are now continuing!

So in between the latest mosaic sets and the illustrious #3443, Lego also released a few more Dacta sets, similar to the ones first seen in the 80s.

First up we have 9534 Mosaic Tiles from 2000.

And second we have 9546 Mosaics Set from 2005.

Now, the only difference I can gather from these two sets, is that 9534 Mosaic Tiles was only available in the U.S. and was $5 (USD) cheaper than 9546 Mosaics Set. So what I can gather, the latter set must have just been a re-release (with strangely, only two more pieces).

Now, even though this next set came out one year after the 2007 mosaic sets, I'm still going to include it in this post because it falls within the same vein.

Lastly we have 9531 Numbers and Mosaics Set (2008).

Again, this set is really similar to the previous two sets. This one obviously just has the addition of numbers. This one doesn't have as much information as to its pricing and availability.

Up next will be part four with system sets and part five will be other sets that aren't only mosaics, but have mosaics incorporated into them. Stay tuned!

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  1. We have a bunch of these DUPLO tiles. Mostly we use them as a way to tile roads so that cars can drive smoothly. But I do love to make geometric designs with them too.

    1. Yeah, they had some DUPLO baseplates mounted on the wall of our library and giant tubs of only these pieces. Lots of fun with those. Now if only we had them for system...