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Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Mosaic of a Photograph of a Painting of a Photograph of a Person

A mosaic of a photograph of a painting of a photograph of a person:  Say that three times fast! 

ROOK made this self-portrait, which is based off of a photograph that he took of a painting that was done of a photograph of himself from 1999. The painting was done in black and white in the year 2000, called "The Bug Story", and shown at his first art show. He says the painting hung in his home for years before he decided to turn it into a LEGO mosaic. 

The Bug Story

ROOK says that the border holds an encrypted message to his nephew on the occasion of his "Birth" day. So there's a challenge for the puzzle-solvers of the world.  Mostly I just love the color scheme of this mosaic, with the gray-scale primary image, the turquoise background, and the bold border.  And as an added bonus, a micro-mosaic of the same painting showed up in one of ROOK's previous MOCs:

The Bug Story

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