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Sunday, February 26, 2012

LEGO Stained Glass Windows

Some of the most beautiful LEGO mosaics I have seen are Alyska Bailey Peterson's stained glass windows.  This blog would be remiss if we failed to cover her work, so here is a brief summary of some of what she has done.
Here is the Survivors of Trauma window, from the St Silas Church in North Belfast, Ireland:

Survivors of Trauma Lego Mosaic

Here is a stained glass sundial:

Stained Glass Lego Sundial

She also made a series of five panels based on the days of creation.  Here is Day 4, The Sun and the Moon: 

"Creation, Day Four: The Sun & The Moon" - Lego Mosaic Detail

Bruce from GodBricks interviewed Alyska about her work, which you can read here.  Alyska and Chris Doyle (of reasonablyclever.com) gave a presentation about building with translucent bricks.  You can see a pdf copy of the presentation here.  Alyska's work can be seen on both flickr and MOCpages.  Alyska also runs an art studio, Pointy Kitty Studios, where she sells "fine, artisan-quality accessories and non-traditional photography", including jewelry made from LEGO.  What a talented lady!


  1. I love to play lego back then. I didn't know that now it is being incorporated to stained glass. It looks beautiful.

    1. I agree -- these windows are very beautiful! ;-)